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Hey There! Come check out Sarah's chocolate business that has the most delicious and savory flavors of chocolate. Sarah specializes in using the freshest cocoa from the Ivory Coast in West African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. With her connection with West African cocoa farmers, which is where most of the cocoa is produced and grown, Sarah can provide the freshest ingredients from the purest source.

Chocolate maker

Sarah's most famous chocolates bring joy and delight to any occasion! Her most famous and first recipe that she compeleted was a chocolate cake after visiting Cameroon on one of the most pretegious cocoa farms.

Chocolate making Sarah making chocolate cake

Sarah enjoys making this chocolate cake and even has a recipe for you to try at home!

Chocolate Cake Pan
Chocolate Bundt Cake

Click on the picture above for Sarah's simple Chocolate Cake recipe!

This website will show the harvesting process by the dedicated farmers in West Africa, Sarah's Chocolates and Cakes! store hours and her in action, and few health benefits of cooking with cocoa!

Take a look through Sarah's website! Here you will gain an intriguing prespective and facts about the history of the cocoa beans and more of Sarah's work.